What Time Should I Go To The Beach?

What Time Should I Go to the Beach

Anytime to head out for a day at the beach seems like the perfect time to go. While there is some truth to this, there are other times to consider heading out.

But there are some things you need to take into account before heading to the local beach, for a day in the sun or catching a wave or two.

Catching some waves or participating in other fun beach activities are really great in the sun and spending time in the warm sands.

What time should I go to the beach? It’s best to go to the beach during the middle of the day when the sun’s out. Between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm in Australia, can be the hottest part of the day. Plan your trip to the beach before 10.00 am or after 2.00 pm to avoid the full heat from the suns rays.

Some people enjoy the warmth of the sun while boating, fishing, surfing, swimming, bodyboarding or even just lazying about under an umbrella. Most kids will like going to the beach to make a sandcastle, fly a kite or find some seashells while walking along the water’s edge

Not everyone will find the peak of the day most enjoyable. The sun can be really harsh in certain parts of the world and Australia is one of those places.

With some areas of Australia reaching sub-tropical temperatures, the heat can be a bit overwhelming.

Any time spent out at an Australian beach when it’s mid-day warmth has to be taken with precaution. This can include (and is not limited to) sun lotion, protective clothing like hats and sun shirts, sunglasses, access to shade, and access to water.

Some might these daunting and cumbersome and therefore may enjoy other times to try going to the beautiful beaches.

With all of that stated, some of the best times to go to the beach include mornings and evenings. Each time frame has its own benefits that will make the experience pleasant and gratifying!

Beaches are an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of nature. From golden sands to temperate waves and everything in between, the beach truly offers seascape views that are out of this world.

There’s nothing quite like seeing open waters sparkling along the skyline.

With such beauty to explore it leads to questions like, “what is the best time to head out to the beach?”

In areas of the world like Australia, there are plenty of beaches to consider (more than 10,000!). These gorgeous waterfront areas do have peak times to venture out and enjoy them!

Go To The Beach In The Morning Before 10 am

Mornings are a fabulous time to consider going to the beach. With cooler temperatures, the morning presents a much more pleasurable time to enjoy the beach.

Watching a sunrise along the east coastline of Australia is quite possibly the best way to enjoy a sunrise.

The golden and peach hues of a rising sun amongst the vast and blue waters can only be described so much without actually experiencing firsthand.

It is a tranquil experience that is worthy of waking up super early!

Another reason mornings at the beach are a prime time to go there is because of exercising or some fun activities.

The crowds that flock to the beach areas are still tucked away in their beds, leaving ample space for some serious fitness!

The type of exercising that can take place is practically limitless. A jog on the shoreline and powerwalking on the shoreline are great examples.

Moreover, there are the waterfront esplanade areas that are cleared paths running parallel to the beach lines with the city lining its backside.

These areas are popular for exercising due to their length as well as their versatile purpose for exercising. Most popularly people can cycle along these paths.

While sunrises and exercising are absolutely wonderful reasons to go to the beach in the morning, mornings on the beach can offer some other benefits as well. The biggest one of those being experiencing wildlife.

Australia is continuously known as the most unique place on Earth and with good reason! Their wildlife populations are exclusive to the country and offer some unique sightings.

Some of the beaches can include this wildlife, most popularly kangaroos, and some birds along the mangroves lining the backdrop of a beach. Wildlife is best admired from afar in Australia due to the potential dangers it may pose.

This is specifically true for kangaroos and dingoes, which can both frequent the beach areas. Maintaining safe distances from wildlife not only ensures everyone’s safety but also helps preserve the continent’s truly unique wildlife populations.

Go To The Beach In The Evenings After 2 Pm

The evenings at the beach can be similar to the mornings but overall it really comes down to the overall atmosphere. Mornings are a more energetic way to enjoy some beautiful beaches while the evenings are a bit opposite.

Evenings at the beach are more mellow and relaxing. After a long day at work, spending some along the soft sands of a beach listening to the soft rolling waves is quite enticing!

One of the best ways to enjoy an evening at the beach is by having some wine or beer to sip while watching the sunset.

This can be done alone, however, it is also enjoyable with a partner. Whether its a friend or significant other, evenings on the beach are so nice.

If it is a significant other, evenings on the beach mean a bit more. This time of day on the beach is really romantic and presents some opportunity for enjoying conversation and soaking in nature.

Once again, it’s all about the atmosphere. Shades of burnt orange against darkening skies really amp up the romantic feel of an evening on the beach.

Evenings on the beach can also be spent having a picnic. Picnics can be friendly or romantic but overall they are fun! Fresh foods to nibble near the shoreline really sets the mood for a great evening on the beach.

Even though picnics on the beach are a great way to enjoy homemade foods or small snacks, most beach fronts have restaurants tucked behind them.

These restaurants are known to come alive during the evenings and offer some tasty tidbits for those looking to satisfy their evening hunger attack!

Enjoy You’re Time On The Beach!

Whether it’s mornings or evenings, the beach presents gorgeous opportunities to enjoy its shorelines. Everyone has different reasons for heading out the beach and knowing what time is best to go is important!

This ensures that the greatest time on the beach will be had! No matter what, the beach is one of the most iconic places on Earth for enjoying mother nature at her best!

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