Why Is Going To The Beach Fun?

There is something so magical about a day at the beach. The waves crashing, people laughing, the sun beaming down on you. The world just seems like a brighter, happier place when you’re at the beach. But what is it about the beach that makes it so fun? Is there really something special about the beach that makes it such a good place to be?

The combination of experiences you have at the beach is what makes it so fun, it can be just relaxing on the beach, running, or playing and crashing about in the waves. Our bodies naturally crave the sunshine and vitamin D releasing those feel-good vibes you get when going to the beach.

If you feel yourself being drawn to the beach, there are actually some very good reasons why. It isn’t in your imagination. There is something really special about the combination of experiences that you have when you’re at the beach. Let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

  • sunshine and vitamin D
  • sand stimulating the nerve endings in your feet
  • swimming and other exercise boosts your mood
  • relaxation
  • being away from technology
  • spending time with friends and loved ones
  • mindfulness

Beach Exercise Get Out There

When you are at the beach, you are taking part in exercise but without even trying. Running along the sand, playing with a frisbee, and swimming are all activities that will get your heart rate up and boost your “happy hormones” such as endorphins. These are your body’s natural painkillers and they really boost your mood.

Beach Relaxation Let Go Of It All

The other side to the feeling good comes from exercise is relaxation. Being at the beach really does help you to relax. It decreases your stress levels and allows you to let go of your worries. It is a slower pace of life when you are at the beach. You don’t have all of the daily stresses and hassles that you would normally be dealing with, so you can just let go (perhaps with a good book!).

Sunshine Soaking Up The Rays At The Beach

Presumably, if you’re at the beach, the weather is pretty good. And that means plenty of sunshine! Not only does the sunshine make everything look brighter, and makes you feel warmer, the effects of vitamin D can actually influence your mood.

We all know that vitamin DOpens in a new tab. is important for keeping your bones, teeth, and immune system healthy, but what you may not realise is that vitamin D also affects the serotonin in your brain. SerotoninOpens in a new tab. is an important mood-regulating hormone and low levels of serotonin are thought to be a cause of depression. Vitamin D boosts the amount of serotonin in your brain, which can help you to feel happier.

Sand Between Your Toes At The Beach

That feeling when you first put your bare feet on the sand and feel it between your toes is so nice. Your feet actually have a really high number of nerve endings, between 3,000 and 7,000 on each. And as you walk through the sand, all of the countless tiny grains will be massaging all of those nerve endings. It’s the perfect foot massage and what could be more relaxing than that?

Mindfulness For Meditation

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that involves being absolutely present in the moment. One way of achieving mindfulness is through focusing on all of your senses – what you can smell, hear, feel, see, and taste. When you are at the beach, all of your senses are stimulated.

There is the sound of crashing waves and people laughing, the feel of the sand beneath your feet, the sight of the beautiful scenery and everyone having fun, and the smell and taste of the sea air. Because your senses are experiencing so much, you can slip into a state of mindfulness naturally.

And mindfulness has been shown to improve relaxation, boost your mood, and reduce stress. All of which will make you happier!

Stepping Away From Technology

The modern world has all of us glued to technology. You will be reading this on a piece of technology, be it a phone, a computer, or a tablet. And while technology can have a whole host of benefits, the overuse of technology can leave us feeling drained, stressed, and sometimes can lower our self-esteem.

It is very difficult to use technology at the beach because of the bright sunlight and the sand, so we are forced to put that technology down for the duration that we are there. That break from technology could be just the thing you need to relax, let go, and have some fun.

Spending Time With Friends And Loved Ones

Going to the beach solo is amazing, and you will really benefit from the calming and stress-reducing effects of being at the beach. But if you do choose to go to the beach with friends and family, this can add a whole other layer to the fun. Whether that’s having a bbq, going surfing, or just chatting in the sunshine, going to the beach with the people that you love can be so much fun. And you can make some wonderful memories together!

Why Is It Important To Go To The Beach?

The beach is fun, we have established that. But it can also help with your physical and mental health. That vitamin D that boosts your serotonin could help prevent you from getting depressed. As can spending time with your family and friends. The stress reduction and relaxation that going to the beach gives you could help to reduce your anxiety.

The exercise that you naturally do at the beach can help you to lose weight and can help to prevent physical health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer. So you can think of going to the beach as part of your physical and mental health plan to help keep you healthy as well as happy.

What Do You Like To Do At The Beach?

So now we’ve taken you through all of the benefits of going to the beach, let’s think about what you like to do there. Are you more of a relaxing with a good book while basking in the sunshine type? Or do you prefer to be out surfing the waves? Maybe you’re a bbq and a few beers with your friends type. Or you might enjoy doing some running or even yoga by the sea. The beach really does have something for everyone!

The Bottom Line

Going to the beach is fun for all sorts of different reasons. It is the perfect combination of exciting and relaxing that will leave you feeling so much happier by the time you leave. And it can also help to boost your physical and mental health. There are all sorts of different ways of enjoying the beach, so whatever being at the beach means to you, get out there and enjoy yourself!

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