10 Best Shirts for Swimming in Australia

Women’s Thermo-X Long Sleeve

Have you seen some swim shirts recently and have you been wondering what they are for? This article will help you to have the information that you need about what swim shirts are for. You will be provided with helpful tips and facts regarding the common usage of these swim shirts.

What are swim shirts for?

Swim shirts are shirts that are designed to be used to wear with your swimwear. They can be used when you are swimming at the beach. They can also be used when you are swimming at a pool.

Why use swim shirts?

  • Swimming at the beach

You love swimming at the beach. Therefore, when you are enjoying some fun swimming time, it is a good idea to use a swim shirt. Swim shirts can be used by men and women. The reason why you should engage in the usage of a swim shirt while you are at the beach is to protect you from the ultraviolet rays of the sun that can burn your skin.

  • Protection for your skin

When you are having a good time swimming, you do not necessarily want to have to stop your fun time. You want to keep enjoying yourself as you swim with your family and friends.

The good news is that when you use a swim shirt, you can enjoy swimming in the warm sun for a long period of time, as the swim shirt will protect your skin from being burnt by the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  • Prevention of skin cancer

The good news is that the swim shirts can also help to prevent skin cancer for those who like to spend a lot of time swimming. Ultraviolet rays from the sun can cause havoc to your skin and can put you at a high risk of contracting skin cancer, especially when you are in the sun for a long time when you are swimming at the beach. But swim shirts provide the protection that you need by blocking the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  • For those who have allergies to the sun

Maybe you feel you have to stay cooped up inside a lot during the summer because you get allergic rashes on your skin from the sun. But sometimes you just feel the need to get out and enjoy yourself. The good news is that when you use a swim shirt, you can protect your skin from getting that terrible allergic sun rash. Therefore, the sun shirt will cover your skin amply, so that you can enjoy some time swimming at the beach.

  • When you want to be modest

Sometimes a woman may sense that her swimsuit is a bit low cut and is revealing too much cleavage. A swim shirt is a great option to cover up to be more modest and to still enjoy swimming. The swim shirt can comfortably be worn over the top of the swimsuit. The swim shirt is comfortable and will not be binding while you are swimming to allow for ultimate comfort.

Why swim shirts are the best to use

  • Protection

It is good to use a designated swim shirt instead of just a regular shirt or t-shirt. This is due to the fact that swim shirts are designed specifically for swimming in the hot sun and are thus made to protect your skin better than regular shirts or t-shirts.

They are made to withstand the rays of the sun in order to offer your skin the protection that you need. Other shirts and t-shirts may not stop the full penetration of the rays of the sun, which can lead to sore skin from a bad sunburn.

  • Do not bind

Also, swim shirts are good to use, as they are comfortable and are made to move with you while you are swimming. As a result, the swim shirts do not bind in order to allow you free movement to enjoy your swimming sessions to the maximum.

  • Suitable for use in chlorine water

Pools are notorious for having chlorine water. Swim shirts are designed to be able to be used while you are swimming in water that has chlorine in it. This means that the fibres of the swim shirt will not break down when they come in contact with the chlorine in the water in the pool. This will ensure that your swim shirt will last for a long time.

  • Many different styles and colours

You do not have to be stuck with one style of swim shirt. The swim shirts come in a variety of styles and colours to please the preferences of many people. Thus, you can buy several different swim shirts to enjoy on various swimming occasions. You also have the option of buying swim shirts with short sleeves or long sleeves.

UPF rating

Swim shirts may come with different UPF ratings. The UPF rating is noted as being a rating that shows the rate of efficiency that the material of the shirt is able to provide in relation to the blocking of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

When there is a UPF rating of 25, this indicates that only 1/25 of the ultraviolet rays are able to get through the fabric. Thus, the fabric blocks out ninety-six per cent of the ultraviolet rays. The highest UPF rating is 50 +, which means the swim shirt provides the best protection possible.

Long sleeves or short sleeves

Swim shirts that have long sleeves are the best option for you when you are swimming at the beach, as they are able to provide full coverage for your arms.

When you are in the water, you probably will not feel excessively hot in a swim shirt that has long sleeves, since that fact is that often the water is cool even when the temperature seems warm and the sun is bright.

If you prefer to wear a swim shirt that has short sleeves, then it is highly advised to make sure that you put a good amount of sunscreen on your arms that will be exposed in order to prevent them from getting severe sunburn.10 Best Shirts for Swimming in Australia

10 Best Shirts for Swimming in Australia

Whether you live in Australia or are intending to visit there, having a quality swimming shirt should be on your packing list. They really provide a comfortable and safe beach day from Australia’s generally hot weather. But what are the best swimming shirts to consider?

There are lots out there and depending on specific needs, one shirt may be good for some but not others. They come in various materials such as ones that are bathing costumes like or that resemble t-shirts. Below are the 10 best shirts for swimming in Australia!

O’Neill Brand

This particular brand is generally made to resemble a swimsuit, but still offers up some of the key qualities to look for in a swimming suit. One of their featured shirts includes the Women’s Thermo-X Long Sleeve Insulating Rashguard shirt.

Pros of the Shirt

  • Made of Nylon and Spandex which gives it the “bathing costume” feel. This kind of material feels like a second skin as it is generally a snug fit.
  • Made with a durable water-resistant coating. This is important because it helps wick away water while in the water. This prevents that “heavy” feeling after getting out of the water and being soaked.
  • Features minimal seams for maximum comfort. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a seam that is in the wrong place! This design really makes the shirt feel great.
  • Has stretching feature that goes 4 ways meaning the piece is breathable, but still, appropriately snug!
  • Made with Thermo-X Hyperdry technology. This means the shirt is layered with insulation which helps with cold ocean water.
  • Low neckline keeping the neck ready for wetsuit wear.
  • Has up to UPF 50+ sun protection. This is extremely important in the Australian heat! This is one of the greatest features of all swimming suits is the ability to reduce or prevent harsh sunburn without the use of oils or lotions.
  • Rash protection. Rashes can occur from the sun or the harsh waters. The material of this shirt helps to reduce or prevent rash protection.

Cons of the Shirt

  • It is black in colour. Black coloured clothing is not always comfortable at the beach as it can draw sunlight in. Even with this colouring, the material helps it be more protecting towards the sun rays.
  • It may run small in size. Considering its meant to fit tight against the skin, it is recommended that one size up to be purchased if the wearer doesn’t want to have it fit quite as snuggly.

It is important to note that this company does offer men’s wear also!

L.L. Bean Brand

L.L. Bean is known for lots of clothing, but their swim shirts are wonderful accessories as well! This particular shirt is the L.L. Bean Sun Shirt UPF 50+.

Pros of the Shirt

  • It has a relaxed fit, so it feels more like a t-shirt, but it is still appropriate to go swimming in!
  • It comes in cobalt blue or beach glass (a light blue). These lighter colours reflect sunlight, making it a cooler fit.
  • It is long-sleeved providing optimal coverage of sensitive skin!
  • Has a UPF 50+ sun protectant rating
  • It has a longer bottom to come to the hipline. This helps cover right at the hips and top of buttocks.
  • It comes in regular, petite or plus sizing.

Cons of the Shirt

  • The shirt is known to run a bit bigger, sometimes being a little too baggy for some wearers.
  • The colouring is known to be darker than suggest on the website.

Coolibar Brand

This chic brand has a few different varieties of shirts to offer, from men to women’s, the options are large! This great swim shirt is the Women’s Ruche Swim Shirt UPF 50+.

Pros of the Shirt

  • This swim shirt resembles a dress as it goes a bit beyond the hips for ultimate coverage along with long sleeves to cover the arms. However, the length is adjustable for those who want it to be a bit higher up.
  • It is white in colour, the perfect colour for a day in the sun! But it does come in 4 other colours (blue, light blue, black, and teal) as well as two patterns. This gives the swim shirt a bit more character than plain coloured ones.
  • This swim shirt zips up around the quarter mark, making for ease of taking on and off.
  • It has a high standing collar for neck coverage.
  • It is saltwater resistant, making it perfect for ocean wear.
  • Features a 50+ UPF sun rating.
  • Comes in 9 sizes ranging from S to 3x.

Cons of the Shirt

  • Non-wicking material makes it liable to cause overheating while wearing.
  • The chest seam dips too low, making it a strange fit for some wearers.

Another choice from the Coolibar Brand includes the Men’s Tulum Long Sleeve Surf Rash Guard UPF 50+ shirt.

Pros of the Shirt

  • It comes in 4 colours, black, blue, sky blue and grey.
  • It has comfortable seams for all the right places during wear.
  • It is salt water and chlorine resistant, making it perfect for the pool or ocean.
  • It has a raised neckline for neck protection.

Cons of the Shirt

  • It may cause overheating if being used for exercise rather than water sporting like jet skiing, swimming, etc.
  • Only comes in 5 sizes between S to 2X.

Another option from the Coolibar Brand is the Women’s Paros Sailing Tee.

Pros of the Shirt

  • This shirt is long-sleeved and features thumbholes for extra skin coverage from the sun’s harsh rays.
  • High neckline gives ultimate neck protection while in the sun and water.
  • It features underarm mesh for breathable feel where sweat generates the most.
  • It has flat seams to prevent unnecessary rubbing against skin.
  • It’s made from polyester and spandex giving a slight bathing costume feel.
  • It has the 4-way stretch material and is saltwater resistant.

Cons of the Shirt

  • Once again, not intended for active fitness as overheating can occur. Recommended use is only for water activity.
  • It is known to stretch too much, making for a strange fit.
  • It is also known for fitting poorly even though the proper size was purchased.

The last option from the Coolibar Brand is the Ruche Rash Guard UPF 50+ Shirt.

Pros of the Shirt

  • This long-sleeved shirt also features thumbholes so that more skin can be covered from dangerous UV rays.
  • This shirt has an empire waist seam, meaning it fits to conform to the waist of the wearer, making for a slimmer and beautiful look.
  • This sun shirt features “Aqua Vesta fabric” which provides quick-drying results after being in the water. This feature is especially nice because no one likes to feel sopping wet. This type of fabric is also lightweight and breathable making for lasting comfortable wear.
  • It is a UPF 50+ sun rating.

Cons of the Shirt

  • As with the other Coolibar shirts, it is non-wicking material resulting in overheating if worn to do anything other than water-related activities.
  • It has limited sizes
  • it has limited colour options
  • The neckline is too low for some people.

UV Skins Brand

This brand has some colourful choices for their swim shirts! Specifically their Women’s Aloha LS Sun and Swim Shirt!

Pros of the Shirt

  • This shirt is a bright beautiful blue with Hawaiian floral print on the neckline and sleeves (it is long-sleeved for skin coverage!). It also comes in black, pink, and teal.
  • It has a UPF 50+ sun rating.
  • It is quick-drying and also has a swim knit feel making it snug, yet breathable to any wearer.
  • The swim knit material also is flexible, making it more comfortable to swim in as it moves with the wearer.
  • It is still considered a relaxing fit even with its snug features. This makes it truly unique.
  • It is machine washable, unlike other brands that are only hand-washable.

Cons of the Shirt

  • It has been known to not quite fit as the sizing chart suggests.
  • The fabric does not seem to be long-lasting.

Solbari Brand

This popular brand is well known for its gorgeous sun and swim shirts! One specific shirt of theirs is the Sun Protective Long Sleeve T-Shirt.

Pros of this Shirt

  • This product comes in 9 beautiful colours to fit the preference of anyone!
  • This item comes in 6 convenient sizes, Extra Small to 2X.
  • It has anti-odour properties, protecting from unpleasant smells from sweating.
  • It has a 50+ UPF sun rating, making it an industry-standard in sun protection.
  • Perfect for activities on the beach *though not in the water like volleyball, exercising or cycling along an Esplanade.

Cons of this Shirt

  • It is not recommended for the ocean
  • It is unknown how long the UV protectant in the shirt lasts.

Speedo Brand

The Swim Outlet is very well known for this online sun and swim shirts! This shirt is the Speedo Men’s Easy Long-Sleeved Swim Shirt.

Pros of the Shirt

  • It comes in 4 colours, navy, black, white, and granite.
  • It is loose-fitting for extreme comfort while moving around.
  • It is the standard 50+ UPF sun rating.
  • It is polyester jersey material, making it feel lightweight.
  • It is made of speed-dry fabric for optimal drying times.

Cons of the Shirt

  • The shirt is hand wash only.
  • It is known to be too loose and causes issues while swimming.

CharmLeaks Brand

This is a notorious brand that can be found on Amazon and offers some quality swim sun shirts! This particular shirt is the Women’s Long-Sleeved Rashguard Sun Protection Swimsuit Top.

Pros of the Shirt

  • This shirt comes in 7 colouring options include teal, blue, black, purple, to name a few. The shirt features stripes down the sleeves offering some contrast colouring for a unique and pretty design.
  • It is made of polyester and spandex material making it more swimsuit like for those who prefer this type of feel to their swim or sun shirts.
  • It is 50+ UPF sun rating and features the ability to block UVA and UVB rays.
  • It features water wicking abilities, making it perfect for the ocean during swimming, waterskiing or other fun water activities.

Cons of the Shirt

  • It has been known to be too large. For such fitting issues, it is recommended that buyers choose the size closest to their true fit and make necessary adjustments based on bust size or waist size. It is usually suggested that measuring before buying is key to finding the right fit.
  • It has been known to absorb some water, causing a weighed down feeling after exiting the water.


This brand is also popular among Amazon and has some great choices for sun swim shirts that are perfect for an Australia beach day! This shirt is the ATTRACO Women’s Long-Sleeve Sporty Swimsuit Zip Front Sun Protection Shirt

Pros of the Shirt

  • This shirt zips all the way up the front making it super easy to remove and put on during a day at the beach. This specific design also makes for a slimmer fit and look for the wearer.
  • This popular swim shirt comes in 14 different colours so anyone is sure to find a favourite among them!
  • Once again, this product has the 50+ UPF Sun Rating.
  • This product features flat seamlines so that there is no rubbing or chafing against skin areas.
  • It has a crew-neck fit so it’s covering the neck, but not in a fashion that is overwhelming.

Cons of the Shirt

  • Due to the zipper being the entire length of the front of the shirt, it is very important to find the right size. This is especially true for women with bigger busts, as the zipper will not zip properly with the incorrect sizing.
  • The UPF 50+ rating on this product has been known to be slightly off, still causing sunburn under the shirt.

No matter what type of swim shirt or sun shirt is chosen, protecting your skin is critical when visiting places like Australia!

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