Fun Beach Water Sports

fun beach water sports

Beaches are some of the most beautiful places in the natural world for people to visit. People love soaking up the sun, playing in the sand, swimming, surfing, and so much more.

When heading to the beach, it is fun to learn about new things to do. One of the most popular activities for beach guests includes water sports.

Water sports give beach visitors an opportunity to not only enjoy the gorgeous views but the ocean water as well!

Partaking in water sports at the beach is truly an exhilarating way to be immersed in the natural surroundings.

Between the surroundings and the sport itself, water sports are an iconic way to get the most out of going to the beach. Generally, water sports are action-packed activities that require some physical demand.

This isn’t to say that everyone can’t try out a water sport, however, it will generally go a bit better if someone is of moderate fitness.

Most water sports will require almost the full use of someone’s body. For example, surfing is a water sport that needs some dedicated balance and strength in order to properly move with the board through the water.

Everyone knows about surfing but what are some other fun water sports to consider while at the beach? It is important to note that water sports can either be performed solo or within a team in a more competitive setting.

Some solo water sports can also be part of a competition.

Whether you’re trying a sport out solo for recreation or as part of a competition or teaming up with a buddy, below are some suggestions for beach water sports!

Beach Swimming Or Relaxation

Swimming is an activity that everyone does when they head to the beach! This is possibly the most popular among all water sports.

While it is something that most everyone does at the beach, it is still considered a water sport! It requires the movement of just about every muscle in the body to propel the body through the water.

There are even some athletes who compete in triathlons. Typically, triathlons consist of three events that complete the whole competition.

Swimming is always one of those events next to cycling and long-distance running. While swimming can be a serious sport for some, it is still one of the best ways to indulge in water sports while at the beach!

Beach Swimming
Beach Swimming

Surfing On The Beaches

Surfing has been around for centuries. This popular water sport involves using a specialised board to ride or “catch” a wave.

Surfers take their boards out into a deeper part of the ocean and then stand on their surfboards to ride an ocean wave back towards the shoreline.

It requires a bit of physical demand as the person needs to keep themselves balanced on their board the entire time that they are standing on it.

This particular sport is taken very seriously in some parts of the world and for some, it is a lifestyle rather than just a sport or hobby.

Moreover, surfing is pretty popular all over the world especially places like California and Hawaii in the United States, and Australia.

Surfing is considered an art form for some as well because people can perform certain board tricks while riding the ocean waves.

Beach Surfing

Freestyle Windsurfing On The Beach

Windsurfing is similar to regular surfing with the exception of how the board is designed.

The board features a small, mounted kite or sail that is used to combine the traditional method of surfing with wind variables.

The sport was first recognised in the 1970s and become globally popular throughout the 1980s. Just like surfing, there are competitions for this sport throughout the world.

There are numerous types of boards to use in windsurfing including wave boards, freestyle boards, speed boards, just to name a few. The difference between all the boards is dependant upon what the rider wants to achieve.

If a windsurfer is looking to spin, rotate, or jump with their board then a freestyle board is most appropriate.

Alternatively, a wave board is for windsurfers who want to propel themselves a bit more while surfing in a more traditional manner.


Try Jet Skiing A Super Fun Sport

Jet skiing is a super fun beach water sport! A jet ski is a motorized vehicle that rides across the surface of the water. Jet skis are generally driven by one person, however, people can easily ride together side-by-side.

This is a really thrilling sport because it is such a thrill to propel across the water. The average jet ski can reach speeds of almost 70mph (or 108kph) which really adds to the adventure.

Some brands of jet skis are marketed to reach speeds of closer to 100mph (or 161kph). For those looking to really amp up their water sport, the faster jet ski could be right up their alley!

Jet Skiing
Jet Skiing

Fishing Of The Beaches

In some people’s eyes, fishing might not be a water sport. However, it absolutely can be! Whether someone is rock fishing, boat fishing, spearfishing, etc, the sport of fishing is a very serious activity.

In places like Australia, and Florida or California in the United States, fishing is a really competitive circuit.

Competitive fisherman are known to get real excitement out of fishing for elusive species or simply just enjoy the sport of being on the water and casting out a line.

Whether someone is looking to compete or recreationally fish, fishing proves to be quite the water sport at the beach across the world.

The reason behind this is definitely because it is an excitement to catch something interesting but it also has to do with the fact that fishing can take place on the beach, just off the beach, at headlands, off of piers, on boats, etc.

The possibilities are almost limitless!

fishing fraser island
Beach Fishing

Wakeboarding Is A Boating With A Board Sport

WakeboardingOpens in a new tab. is another board sport that can be a lot of fun to do while at the beach. What makes this water sport so sensational for beachgoers is that the activity combines boating with a board sport.

A wakeboard is a flat board that has foot straps for the rider’s feet. Once strapped in, the rider holds onto a thin bar attached to a rope that is being pulled by a boat.

As the boat goes faster, so does the wakeboard behind the vessel!

Additionally, wakeboarders can do acrobatic tricks while being pulled by the boat. Much like jet-skiing, the board in this sport is skimming the top of the water as its being pulled by the boat.

It is certainly much more physically demanding overriding on a motorized jet ski! Some people prefer jet-skiing over wakeboarding because they feel like they have more control over how fast they are going.

While this is true, wakeboarders, and even water skiers, have a better opportunity to do tricks!


Water Skiing Or Barefoot Water Skiing

Water skiing is another variation of a water sport that skims the top of the water. Like wakeboarding, water skiing involves a rope that is held by the rider as they are being driven by a boat throughout the water.

The major difference here is that water skiing uses a set of skis, similar to snow skis but a bit wider. The rider places their feet in special straps and holds onto their bar and enjoys the ride with the boat!

While water skiing typically uses the special water skis, more daring individuals choose to barefoot water ski.

This is exactly as it sounds! The rider still holds onto the bar that comes from the boat, however, instead of water skis skimming the top of the water’s surface, the rider’s bare feet are doing all of the work.

This is incredibly physically demanding as the rider must keep their legs above water at all times. For those who can pull off the perfect barefoot water ski, it is well worth it!

Kitesurfing Needs Strong Winds To Propel Rides

KitesurfingOpens in a new tab. is an extreme water sport that combines flying a kite with surfing on an ocean wave. While this might not seem very practical, it very much is!

Kitesurfing heavily relies on picking up strong winds to propel the rider through the water. So, in theory, it is much more than just flying a kite and surfing.

While it is true that the board can ride among an ocean wave, kitesurfing is more like riding along the ocean water while the kite and the wind act as a means to propel the rider.

It is considered a pretty intense water sport since it requires a lot of physical fitness.

Moreover, some describe the sport as being a mix between multiple extreme sports platforms including snowboarding, sailing, windsurfing, paragliding just to name a few.

Since the late 1970s, kitesurfing has to be waves across the world. People have been known to jump while kitesurfing which really adds to the extremeness of the sport.

For those willing to try it, this sport is the perfect way to try something new at the beach!


Bodyboarding In The Ocean Waves

Bodyboarding is yet another notorious beach water sport that can be a lot of fun. It is a sport where the rider lays their upper torso on a board that is wider than surfboard to ride the crest or curl of a wave towards the shoreline.

Like surfing, bodyboarding starts further from the shore and the rider comes into the shore with the wave.

It is possible to do stand-up bodyboarding which is where the rider stands on their board. Bodyboards are significantly shorter than a surf board because the board is primarily relying on the user’s torso and legs to nagivate the board.

Surf boards are generally longer because those boards are relying on the user to ride in the wave while standing and balancing on the board.

Whether it is stand-up bodyboarding or regular bodyboarding, this is a popular water sport for the beach that is great for beginners or advanced users.


Skimboarding Waves At The Beach

SkimboardingOpens in a new tab. is “skimming” the water’s surface on a board while riding a wave back to the beach shoreline. While this water sport appears to be the same as surfing, it isn’t quite the same.

The biggest difference is that skimboards have fins and are a lot smaller in size compared to a regular surfboard.

Additionally, skimboarding requires the rider to start their adventure at the shoreline going into the water rather than starting in deeper waters and riding back towards the shore.

Skimboarding is also different than surfing because generally the waves that skimboarders ride aren’t as large as what a surfer would ride.

This is because the smaller board couldn’t handle the larger wave. Skimboards are designed for doing small tricks and gliding across smaller sized wave breaks that aren’t as far out as the waves that surfers ride.


Parasailing Offers Great Views Of The Water

ParasailingOpens in a new tab. is similar to water skiing and wakeboarding in that the riders are being pulled by a boat.

However, what makes parasailing more fun than water skiing or wakeboarding is that the riders are in the air with a parachute that is being pulled by a boat.

While this doesn’t directly involve the rider being in contact with the water, it is still a really remarkable water sport to experience.

The views from the parachute are absolutely stunning. Riders can literally see for such long distances making the experience quite breathtaking.

Overall, parasailing is much more than a water sport, it is a once-in-a-lifetime journey while at the beach!


Sailing In The Ocean Waters

Sailing is a serious water sport for some people and can take place anywhere in the world. This water sport can be summed up as a being a sport where a marine vessel with sails is driven through the ocean waters.

Most yacht clubs around the world have sailing competitions for its members.

Even though sailing is a pretty big deal in certain areas in terms of being competitive, sailing can be a relaxing way to enjoy the water as well. It doesn’t have to be an intense sport for everyone!


Kayaking Is A Great Fitness Water Sport

Kayaking has been a form of water transportation for thousands of years. Throughout the years, kayaking has become quite a favourable water sport for some people.

These small, narrow looking boats are similar looking to canoes, but the riders are more confined within the kayak.

There are one-seater and two-seater kayaks so people can go on solo journies or bring a friend along.

Kayaking is a water sport that can occur in the ocean, creek, or river just like rowing. However, ocean kayaking is popular in places where the waters are a bit calmer for riders.

Additionally, some fitness is needed as kayaking uses a double-ended oar that must be alternated in its movement to propel the vessel forward. It is a great way to enjoy the beach and ocean waters.

This list is quite extensive but that’s because there are simply so many different water sports out there!

Scuba diving and snorkelling could be added to this list as well. They are certainly a way to explore the depths of the ocean and see various marine life! However, the above list


What Are The Most Popular Water Sports?

There are so many more water sports than some people would imagine! With this in mind, what are some of the more popular ones across the world?

Surfing is arguably the most popular water sport. It has been apart of ancient cultures from all over the world and throughout the years has only become more and more favoured by those living close to the coastlines of the ocean.

In addition to surfing, jet skiing and water skiing are also pretty liked by people.

Jet skiing is particularly a favourite because it doesn’t require any special skills other than knowing how to drive a motorized vehicle of some sort.

People of any physical fitness can drive a jet skiing and quite frankly, it is so much to zip around on the top of the water!

If scuba diving and snorkelling are being counted as a water sport, they are absolutely a popular activity.

This is particularly true for Australia where people love diving and snorkelling around the Great Barrier Reef.

Another great location for snorkelling is The Bahamas, a country located in the Caribbean where reef systems can also be found under crystal clear waters.


What Is The Most Popular Australian Beach Sport?

Australia is one of the most beautiful places on earth due to its various wild landscapes, seascapes, and idyllic naturalistic surroundings.

With over 10,000 beaches (although not all of them patrolled), some people are curious as to what Australia’s most notorious beach sport is.

Even though fishing is pretty huge throughout Australia, swimming still takes on the number one spot as the most beloved beach sport. There are plenty of swimmable beaches throughout the country that are perfect cooling down on a hot day.

Additionally, swimming is the ideal beach sport because just about everyone and anyone can partake in the activity!

It is great exercise, lots of fun to do, and gives beachgoers the prime opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful surroundings, especially in Australia!

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