What Do You Do With Your Valuables While At The Beach?

One of the most popular places on earth is the beach. Beaches are an idyllic way to enjoy the warm sun, sandy shorelines, and rolling ocean waves. All over the world beaches attract endless visitors and this is especially true in areas where the weather is nice almost all year-round.

While the beach offers plenty of sunshine, beautiful waters, and seemingly infinite activities to partake in, it also presents a slight issue. What do people do with their valuables when they head to the beach?

With the potential for numerous strangers to be roaming the same sandy shoreline as yourself, it is important to know how to protect your valuable items.

Going to the beach should always be a positive experience. A huge part of this positive experience is protecting whatever valuables you decide to bring with you. Valuables are generally things such as money, cell phones, car keys, etc.

These are all common things that people need while at the beach, so knowing some tips on keeping them safeguarded is really helpful.

One of the biggest steps of ensuring that your valuables stay safe during a trip to the beach is deciding exactly what valuables you absolutely need. If you can go without bringing certain things, consider leaving them in the car or at home.

But, this isn’t always practical for everyone. We need our money for snacks. We need our phones for a point of contact with someone.

We need our car keys if we drove to the beach. With a little common sense and some handy tips, finding ways to keep these items by your side is easy.

Keeping your critical valuables hidden is the best approach to what to do with those items while at the beach. If they are out of sight from strangers, they will be less likely to attempt stealing anything. Moreover, hidden valuables also protect the items from strong winds that arise.

However, the biggest concern should be keeping them out of sight from strangers. Because beaches attract so many people, there are many eyes that could be scoping out unattended items.

How Do You Prevent Your Stuff From Being Stolen At The Beach?

We can’t control what others might decide to do but we can control what we do. Taking preventive measures to protect your valuables at the beach is a great way to lessen the likelihood of anything being stolen. As expressed, attempting to keep the items hidden is the absolute best approach.

There are some pretty creative ways to hide items that can be used when heading to the beach. Below are some great tips on preventing your stuff from being stolen at the beach!

Tips For Preventing Your Stuff From Being Stolen At The Beach

Limit What You Bring To The Beach

Only bring the bare necessities to the beach. In doing so, you will be able to keep track of your items better and know exactly where they are. Going to the beach is about enjoying the water and the sun not sitting around worrying about if someone is going to steal your stuff. This is why it is important to limit what you bring in the first place.

Don’t overpack! The phrase “less is more” really applies here. Bring some fun things to do, your towel, your change of clothes, and maybe even a beach umbrella. Things like your cell phone or money can be stowed away, out of sight, so strangers aren’t seeing them.

Additionally, never bring too much cash to the beach. Stick to an average amount you think you might need and leave the bank card locked up tight in the car.

Use The Beach Sand To Your Advantage When Hiding Items

One of the greatest things about the beach is all of the beautiful sand! Using this sand to your advantage can really aid in keeping your stuff safe from prying eyes. Keep things like your cell phone, money, and keys in a zip-lock plastic bag and bury them in a small hole under your beach umbrella or towel.

How Desert Sand Is Made

You won’t need these items until you are done at the beach anyway, so this is a great way to keep them out of sight, out of mind. Using a pair of shoes to place on top is a great way to remember the exact place they are.

You aren’t making buried treasure and shouldn’t need a map, as you are the one who buried it, but the shoes are a helpful marker.

Use Hollow Driftwood To Hide Your Valuables

Most beaches have driftwood laying around. Sometimes the driftwoodOpens in a new tab. is hollow and can serve as an excellent place to stow away your valuables. Always use a zip lock bag to contain the items. This keeps them all together as well as protects them from getting sand particles stuck inside of them.

The best way to utilise driftwood for hiding items is to set up your initial beach spot right in front of the driftwood. You don’t want to unnecessarily move the driftwood for a number of reasons. The biggest reason is that you don’t appear obvious.

If you lug around the driftwood and then are seen putting stuff inside of it, that draws unnecessary attention. By placing your towel and umbrella by the driftwood in the first place, you can inspect to see if it is hollow or semi-hollow and then put your stuff inside accordingly.

Disguise Valuables As Something Unappealing

One of the most creative ways to hide your valuables at the beach is by disguising them as something unappealing. This can be done by choosing a bag or box that can act as a vessel to hold your items. Think along the lines of a diaper box or something along those lines.

Strangers are going to be less likely to rummage through your stuff if it’s in a package they aren’t expecting. Moreover, this approach ensures your stuff isn’t just laying around.

Stay Organised To Keep Your Stuff Safe At The Beach

Staying organised is a common-sense approach to keeping your stuff safe at the beach. Along with limiting what you are bringing, keeping it organised really keeps it tidy and in your control. If you bring a beach bag, consider keeping your valuables at the bottom with the unattractive items on top.

That way if you are swimming and someone decides to peek in your bag, the first thing they see won’t be your phone or money, it will be whatever else you chose. This can get really creative as you can put just about anything on the top of your beach bag.

Buy A Kid’s Beach Bucket Set To Conceal Your Valuables

A kid’s beach bucket set is an interesting way to keep your stuff from being stolen at the beach. You can pack it with sand and have your zip lock bag of items at the bottom. You can cover the items up with the bucket and slightly push the bucket into the sand to prevent it from flying away by the wind.

You can use the shovel in the set to dig a spot to bury your items by your beach towel. The possibilities are almost endless. Even if you don’t have children, this idea can still work. You might look a little silly playing with kid’s beach buckets, but your items will be safe!

These are some of the best ways to hide your items while at the beach. Hiding or concealing your valuables ensures that anyone passing by your land claim at the beach won’t notice anything of interest to steal. Thieves aren’t interested in sticking around too long to search for something to steal.

They take moments of opportunity to snatch things up quickly. If there isn’t anything catching their eye, they more than likely aren’t going to strike.

How Do I Protect My Phone From The Beach?

Cell phones play a large role in today’s modern society. Almost everyone has one to stay connected to the world around us. They are probably the most valuable thing we have at the beach and you should take steps to ensure their safety. While theft is a large concern, so are nature’s elements.

Our phones are important because if we need someone in an emergency, we should have them handy. While at the beach, it is critical to protect your phone from thieves and the beach itself. Below are some tips on protecting your phone from the beach!

Tips For Protecting Your Phone From The Beach

Keep Your Phone Out Of The Sun To Stop It Over Heating

The beach is typically a hot, hot place. The sun is directly shining down on the sand and it can be pretty toasty in no time. This is why bringing a beach umbrella not only keeps you shaded but also your belongings. If you are burying your valuables under your beach towel or near it, doing so under the beach umbrella is the best way to keep it out of the sun.

If you have brought a beach bag, tuck it under any clothing you may have brought. This also keeps your phone out of the direct sunlight. Additionally, it keeps the phone at the bottom of the bag so no one sees it if they just peek in the bag.

Use A Plastic Protection Bag For Your Phone (or a zip lock bag)

There are plastic phone protection bags on the market. They are generally made of waterproof material and are quite durable. These are an excellent option to consider for your phone when at the beach. It keeps the phone dry from any water damage as well as eliminating the possibility of sand getting in any cracks or crevices.

If a plastic phone protection bag is out of your budget, consider just using a zip lock bag as previously mentioned. While they aren’t as durable as the targeted bags on the market, they still serve their purpose of keeping things dry and intact.

Considering how cheap these bags are, double or triple-bagging your phone can ensure that it stays extra dry and safe from the sand.

Protecting your phone at the beach is important because in case you need it, it needs to be operational and available. These handy tips are a great way to make sure you always know where your phone is at!

How Do You Carry Money On The Beach?

As previously stated, always carry cash when you are at the beach. This reduces the risk of putting all of your money in a comprising position. Only bring what you absolutely need. The best way to carry money on the beach is by using a waterproof pouch, similar to what you can buy to protect your phone as well.

This not only keeps the money dry but generally these pouches can be carried around your neck so you always have it close by.

If this isn’t an option for you, once again, a zip lock bag is acceptable. However, it is important to remember that it needs to be concealed if you aren’t directly beside it. This is where the previous ideas for protecting your valuables come in handy. An additional way to carry money on the beach is to use an old breath mint tin.

It is the perfect size for containing folded money and can be stowed away in a beach bag or hidden in any of the previous suggestions for protecting your stuff.

Going to the beach is supposed to be fun and exciting. By utilising these tips, your valuables can be protected while you swim, surf, fish, or whatever else you decide to do while at the beach!

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