How Long Does A Suntan Last?

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There are so many things to do while at the beach that makes it such an adventure. There is fishing, watersports and so much more, however, grabbing a suntan is a favoured activity among some people.

While the beach is the most common place to get a suntan, sitting poolside is another great way to get a suntan. There is something truly alluring about a nice suntan.

The sheer golden brown glow is super attractive to some people and makes some people feel great. However, some people question just how long a suntan actually lasts.

The Everlasting Perfect Suntan

A suntan can last anywhere from 7 to 10 days, usually fading over this time period. Getting a suntan is the most natural way to achieve a golden glow and is considered a lot safer than commercial tanning beds. While some suntans can last a lot longer depending on your skin type and suns UV rays.

Moreover, this time frame does include factors like wearing suntan lotion, etc. Anytime someone is outside in the sun, they should be wearing sun lotion.

Sun lotions protect the skin from the UV raysOpens in a new tab. that are emitted from the sun. This is to help prevent and/or lessen any skin damage. This isn’t to say that people that wear sun lotion won’t tan.

In fact, many commercial companies tailor their products to help consumers not only protect their skin but also to achieve a golden hue.

Why Does My Tan Last So Long?

While there are products out there designed to help the skin get a deeper glow, it is important to note that suntans are a direct result of the UV rays, specifically UVA rays, that penetrate lower layers of the skin to create melanin this can help make your tan last longer.

This melanin is where the browner skin comes into play. Due to how a suntan is formed, the length of the tan can vary based on a person’s skin type.

Your tan might last longer based on the type of skin that you have and be influenced overall by the product that was used.

How Do You Maintain A Tan?

Maintain A Suntan
Maintain A Suntan

Those who desire a sun-kissed look to their skin all-year-round can maintain their tans. The upkeep of a suntan isn’t hard and doing so will keep the gold glow looking as fresh as possible.

Maintaining a tan doesn’t necessarily mean that it will extend it past the 10 days it might last on average, rather it refers to keeping the glow looking fresh.

Once again, skin type ultimately decides how long a tan might last but this isn’t to say that maintaining a tan won’t help extend it. It is possible. So what are the ways to maintain a tan?

Below are some key ways to help keep a tan looking its best!

Key Ways To Keep A Tan Looking Its Best

1. Always Apply Sun Screen Lotion

Sun lotions come in a variety of SPF levelsOpens in a new tab. (the level in which it protects the skin from harmful sun rays) and ideally, an SPF of at least 30 should be used when heading out into the sun.

Applying sun lotion can be done any time someone is going into the sun, not just specifically to sunbathe.

The type of lotion that is used should depend on what results you are trying to achieve. Some products have additives to help deepened a glow while still protecting the skin.

Applying sun lotion is the number way to help maintain a tan because it not only protects the skin, it is also can add to its overall look.

2. Shower With Cool Water (Keeps Skin Hydrated)

Showering with water that is as cold as you can possibly stand is another great way to maintain a suntan. Cool water keeps skin hydrated whereas warmer or hot water dries the skin out.

If you are showering with hotter or warmer water, your skin will prematurely peel, shedding away the darker skin cells. The upside to this maintenance tip is that cooler showers feel great in the heat of summer!

This is also true for areas that are always warm like subtropical areas of the world!

3. Skin Moisturizer Helps Your Suntan

A part of keeping a suntan beautiful is moisturizing. While some sun lotions contain moisturizers, there are products on the market for after-sun care as well.

These products are designed to keep skin cells smooth and hydrated after being in the sun or sunbathing. It is important to mention that some of these products can contain alcohol, which will only dry out your skin even more.

Always check the list of ingredients and try to use body balms, body lotions, etc that are specifically for keeping skin silky smooth.

Moisturizers that are considered the best for keeping tans lush are body butter and body oils that contain hyaluronic acid. While this seems like a strange ingredient, it is actually quite helpful when it comes to tanned skin.

Hyaluronic acidOpens in a new tab. is often found in creams that are meant to treat burns. It is no secret that suntans are basically burnt skin so this ingredient is actually incredibly helpful in maintaining a suntan.

The brownish, gold hue that is obtained from the melanin while getting a suntan is what aids in hyaluronic acid working so well.

People who don’t produce melanin and simply end up with reddened skin won’t find the same benefits from using body butter containing this ingredient.

4. Use An Exfoliate On Your Suntanned Skin

Exfoliation is a process that helps shed away old skin cells. While this might seem counter-productive to keeping a suntan, it does help it in the long run.

The trick is to only exfoliate once a week. This prevents over-exfoliation and makes for smooth skin that can maintain a deep tan.

There are many products out there to consider using, however, salt scrubs are recommended.

5. Use A Body Oil For Skin Nourishment

Body Oil For Suntan
Body Oil For Suntan

Body oils that can be lightly sprayed on the body are great for helping keep a tan looking its best. This is because body oil acts as a nourishing agent for the skin.

A little oil goes a long way and creates such a sheer and sheen look to any already tanned skin. The oil locks in the hue making for a fabulous look!

6. Eat More Foods With Beta Carotene

Foods With Beta Carotene
Foods With Beta Carotene

Beta-carotene is related to vitamin A which aids in the production of melanin. As discussed before, melanin is what gives skin its dark, golden colour.

By eating foods that are rich in beta-carotene, it is possible to help your skin produce more melanin!

Foods that are known for having higher contents of beta-carotene include carrots, kale, spinach, squash, etc. Not only is there a benefit for melanin production but these are healthy foods!

7. Drink Plenty Of Water Hydrates Your Body And Skin

Drinking water has many health benefits but it also serves as a way to help maintain a tan. Water hydrates all parts of our body and literally keeps us full of energy.

For people who cannot stand drinking plain water, it is important to try drinking it plain or with water enhancers that don’t have added things like sugar, etc.

Does A Suntan Go Away On Its Own?

Does The Sunset Over The Ocean?

Suntans can be preserved and potentially extended past the 10-day mark but all in all, they do go away on their own.

While suntans can last up to 10 days, the average time frame for a tan to go away is between 7 to 10 days. After this time, the skin does start to regrow by self-exfoliating. Our skin is constantly regrowing. A great example of this would be on a wound or scratch.

The skin starts a regrowth process to repair the skin. It isn’t exactly pleasant to think about, but suntans are a form of skin damageOpens in a new tab. in a way. All UV rays cause a little damage, even in the darkening of the skin.

The skin sets on a path of regrowth towards the end of a suntan to help regenerate new skin cells. Once again, everyone is different when it comes to the pigment of their skin and levels of melanin that are able to be produced and maintained.

Because of this difference in everyone, someone’s suntan might last longer than someone else’s. This isn’t to say that it will never go away. Our skin is always looking to regenerate so eventually, it will fade away.

Suntans are the most natural way to get a decent tan. With proper lotions and mindfulness in the care of a suntan, it is possible to have beautiful sun-kissed skin.

However, some people take other measures to tan that can include spray tans or the use of tanning beds. Some people even consider these methods a way to maintain a tan they already have.

Spray tans do not last as long as they are literally tinting that is sprayed onto the skin to give the appearance of a suntan. In addition, tanning beds are notorious for their artificial lighting and bad reputations.

Even though suntans will eventually go away, it is important to attempt a natural method to keep beautifully tanned skin.

Through the previously stated methods, this can be accomplished and help you enjoy a suntan for as long as possible!

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