How Many Beaches At Stradbroke Island?

How Many Beaches Are At Stradbroke Island?

Stradbroke Island (it is also called North Stradbroke Island) is a brilliant and beautiful island in Queensland, Australia. More specifically, it lies within the Moreton Bay.

The island has some of the most impressive beaches, lakes, and waterways in Queensland.

How many beaches at Stradbroke Island? In fact, there are 22 beaches found Stradbroke island to explore. The 5 main beaches found here are all of different sizes, they are all significant locations to visit when at Stradbroke Island. With Cylinder Beach being one of the most popular ones.

Here is the 22 beach list for easy access, for more information read on below.

  • Amity Enclosure
  • Adam’s Beach
  • Blue Lake
  • Bradbury’s Beach
  • Brown Lake
  • Causeway Beach Access
  • Cylinder Beach
  • Deadman’s Beach
  • Dunwich Enclosure
  • Eighteen Mile Swamp
  • Flinders Beach (Amity Point)
  • Flinders Beach (Point Lookout)
  • Frenchman’s Beach
  • Home Beach
  • Jumpinpin
  • Keyholes
  • Main Beach
  • Myora Springs
  • Point Lookout Beach Access
  • South Gorge
  • Toompany Beach
  • Point Lookout

Make sure you swim in designated areas there are plenty of sharks, Dolphins also come in close here so keep a lookout for them, Below are the notable spots within Stradbroke Island! Click here to book a day tour of Stradbroke Island.Opens in a new tab.

Google Map Of Stradbroke Island

Brief History of Stradbroke Island

The island used to be one large area but in 1894 a shipwreck in the narrow part of the island caused an issue. Not long after, in 1896, a strong wind separated the island into North and South areas. The North part of Stradbroke Island is the most known area and travelled to place on the island.

Amity Enclosure

This popular swimming spot is marked off by large wooden poles in the water that lies within the Rainbow Channel. It is marked off into the enclosure as the waves in the channel can reach dangerous levels.

This area does not have lifeguards on duty as so it is always suggested that swimming takes place within the marked off enclosed area.

The waters within this area are cool and tranquil and are perfect for children to play in. It also makes for a really nice place to relax while visiting the island. At the Amity Point Jetty, you are able to see the wild dolphins swimming up close right from the jetty walkway. If you are brave enough, you can jump into the water at the jetty

Adam’s Beach

Adam’s Beach is known for its remarkable and beautiful seagrass sand dunes. These dunes are widespread areas of up to 300m along the beach area. The beach itself stretches for approximately 700m and is near the Dunwich. It’s on the western side of the island and features calming waters.

However, even the calm waters experience some tides when the wind conditions are less than perfect. The northern part of this beach is known for its ferry and shipping facilities for items to come and from to the island.

Blue Lake

As one of the two lakes among Stradbroke Island, Blue Lake is a treasure cove of pristine beauty. This lake has a huge part in the island’s history and is held dear to the Quandamooka people. They have dubbed the lake as “Karboora” which translates to a “deep silent pool“. Quite a long walk to get lake but worth it. Awesome clear freshwater it’s quite beautiful to look at.

This lake is situated specifically in the Naree Budjong Djara National ParkOpens in a new tab.. The access to the gorgeous lake is through a 2.5km path that is full of flowering plants, eucalyptus, and woodlands to just name a little. Its history is deeply rooted in the beliefs of the people and is considered sacred ground.

It is thought to be home to Kabool, a giant carpet snake spirit. With such cultural significance in the area, it is advised that no one swims in the lake. This is to come from a place of respect for the history of the lake and the spirit that supposedly lies within it.

Brown Lake

This is the other lake on Stradbroke Island and is absolute perfection. It is a natural perched lake. This means its elevation is way above sea level. They are generally filled with pure rainwater, The tea tree lake will leave your skin feeling so nice when you get out.

This stunning and stark lake is known for family gatherings and an overall peacefulness. Wildflowers surround this pristine lake making it the perfect visual backdrop during swimming adventures! This lake is noted as a nice calm place for swimming.

The water is quite cool as it gets deeper, It is definitely kid-friendly if they stay in the shallow area of the lake.

Deadman’s Beach

Known for its waves (which can reach up to 1m and cover approximately 100m!) Deadman’s Beach is frequented by surfers. It is surrounded by jutting rocks that line the area making for fantastic scenery. While surfing is popular here, it is not advised to swim here as it is unpatrolled so no help is around if you get into trouble in the water.

The waves created here would not make for a great swimming experience. This area is also known for its Point lookout at the Cylinder Head of the beach. As with other beaches around Australia’s coastlines, this beach has a walking track that meets with the centre of the beach.

Cylinder Beach

Located in very close proximity to a carpark, families often visit this beach paradise. Cylinder Beach is great during normal weather conditions. However, when the weather is less than perfect, even extreme, this area is not considered to be safe.

There are strong winds that will blow through the area and it is best to keep precaution when going here if the weather is not that great. Peace of mind can be taken in the fact that it is patrolled by lifeguards. They ensure the safety of all individuals due to these conditions that can occur. The water is crystal clear and a perfect temperature for swimming in the summertime.

This beach is one of the better surfing spots for daring persons. It can have waves that reach upwards of 3 metres. These impressive waves make for great surfing conditions, but once again, safety should prevail and the lifeguards will be there for any issues. You will find a small lagoon for the kids to swim in.


This is considered to be one of the greatest fishing spots and is located off of the island’s Main Beach. It is near the channel that separates the North and South parts of Stradbroke Island. It is known for fishing because the fast and dangerous waters you are advised not to swim there or surf.

Another reason it’s considered a dangerous area for in-water activities is that there can be very large marine life in its waters as well. To make it an even more unique spot, the area can only be reached via 4WD vehicles.

To do this, proper 4WD permitsOpens in a new tab. are required. It is critical that those wishing to 4WD here know the tide times because the tides reach high levels and have created dunes among the area. Bluebottles may also be found here so take care on the beach at all times.

Main Beach

This beach is approximately 33km and is connected to the Jumpinpin Inlet. Known for its double-bar tides that can reach 200km in length, this is a popular surfing area for many of the visitors that come to the island.

There is also a patroled swimming area at this beach as well. In areas like this, especially since it’s connected to Jumpinpin, it is crucial to practice safe swim practices and follow all postings or marked out swimming areas.

Frenchman’s Beach

This divine is most known for its bountiful vegetation among its bluffs. The only way to access this beach is from Deadman’s Beach or through a walkway connected to the main roadway. This beach is absolutely not suitable for swimming at all, it’s advised to stay out of the water here.

The rips are hazardous. This beach is only good for walks or fishing. When fishing, even rock fishing is not considered to be completely safe. The main attraction is its magnificent vegetation.

These are just some examples of the many beaches and waterways located among Stradbroke Island. No matter what area is chosen to be visited, the island offers up some exciting and exhilarating views and surfing spots! You can also read up on what is the most dangerous beach in Australia?.

Now that you know how many beaches at Stradbroke Island, Plan a trip to visit them all and see the amazing beaches of the island.

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