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Outdoor markets are found all throughout the world. These markets strive to highlight local tastes and talent through stalls that feature local hand-made products and so much more.

Australia has some of the most unique markets in the world that bring visitors a taste of local foods and local artistic talent. This is particularly true of Queensland which boasts quite a few local outdoor markets throughout the state.

Mission Beach is one of Queensland’s many coastal towns. It is known for its 10 kilometres (or more) stretch of golden sandy beach. This smaller coastal town of Queensland is tucked in the Far North of the state and has a deeply rooted history with the state.

Even though the sheer beauty of the beach is attractive enough, the coastal locality is also known for its outdoor markets. These markets draw residents and visitors to the town seeking out some of the best local items found in the Far North.

The Mission Beach Markets are held year-round. During this time, they have over 80 stalls that set up shop to bring local taste and flair to guests. However, when Easter Sunday rolls around, they feature what are called “Monster Markets” where more vendors appear (closer to 140) which gives guests lots to look forward to.

The marketing of Monster Markets really does draw in more vendors as people flock to see the uptick of stall offerings. Going throughout the year is nice, but the Monster Markets are much larger and almost double the size of the regular Sunday markets.

The Monster Markets are held from Easter Sunday and continue to be held every last Sunday of the month through November.

In order to keep the markets operating smoothly, the Rotary Club of Mission BeachOpens in a new tab. oversees the operations. They take great pride in ensuring that the markets are available on the 1st and 3rd Sundays (including the last Sunday of the month from April to November for the Monster Markets).

The level of dedication from the Rotary Club can be seen at each and every market. Their goal is to continually bring the Far North Queensland area a high-level market.

Where Are The Markets In Mission Beach?

The Markets in Mission Beach are set along the Porter Promenade near Ulysses Park. The exact address for the markets is listed as “Ulysses Park Porter Promenade Mission Beach, QLD 4852. This location is ideal as it is surrounded by the gorgeous Ulysses Park and the ocean isn’t far away either.

Guests to the markets in Mission Beach will find stark beauty along with the excitement of browsing through all the local stalls.

What Time Do The Markets Start In Mission Beach?

The markets in Mission Beach are held year-round on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month. The Monster Markets operate from Easter Sunday (usually in April, although this can change) through November on the last Sunday of the month. The markets are open from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

This early timeframe gives people a chance to start their day by exploring the local offerings while still having their whole day to do other things. Moreover, the limited hours bring in more people as people seek out getting the best deals before anyone else.

Items Sold At The Markets

Almost all markets sell similar items but it is still good to know what those items are! The important thing to remember is each market is a little different because the items are local businesses or people selling their stuff. Below are some of the items that can be found at the markets in Mission Beach!

Items Sold At The Markets In Mission Beach

  • Handmade jewellry made from various materials like artisan glass
  • Freshly brewed coffees
  • Freshly baked loaves of bread, like sourdough
  • Takeaway meals featuring local favourites like Thai food
  • Clothing items
  • Artwork produced by local artists
  • Fresh produce, locally grown (includes fruit and veg within the selections)
  • Women’s accessories like wallets or handbags
  • Sweet treats like banana bread
  • Seasonal decor like handmade Christmas ornaments
  • Fresh flowers
  • Home decor items
  • Handmade soaps
  • Handmade candles
  • Homemade jarred veg
  • Homemade bottled sauces for meats

The list could go on and on! The markets at Mission Beach are brimming with tasty delights and unique trinkets and gifts. No matter the season, there’s something at the markets for everyone.

Mission Beach and their regular Sunday markets and monthly Monster Markets prove to showcase some of the best in local taste and design. Residents and visitors alike will find these markets quite enjoyable during any time of year!

Selling Products At The Markets In Mission Beach

The Rotary Club is the main point of contact for the markets in Mission Beach. Any direct questions can be referred to them and they can be reached via phone at 0479 679 819.

The markets are a great place for people to stroll along finding various goodies and items but they are also a great place to set up a stall! Inquiries about this can also contact the above number to book a stall during the times of the markets.

If someone is interested in selling at the Markets in Mission Beach, there is some general knowledge about it even though the Rotary Club should still be contacted. Below is some general information about selling at the Markets in Mission Beach!

Selling Items At The Markets In Mission Beach

  • To set up a site, the cost is $15 from Easter to November and $10 From December to Easter
  • Insurance is required to protect liability issues. If stall holders have no insurance, there is a $6 fee to be placed under the Rotary Club’s liability program.
  • Animals cannot be sold. Only goods or services are permitted.
  • Food vendors must obtain and showcase a valid food licence.
  • Stalls must be set up for the entire duration of the market. No early take-down is permitted.
  • Stall owners must clean up after themselves from start to finish during the event.
  • Stall fees (along with the $6 liability program fee if applicable) must be paid on the day of the market to the Rotary Supervisor on site.

Anyone wishing to sell their products at the Markets in Mission Beach will find the rules pretty agreeable. Nothing is too outlandish and overall, it is pretty affordable to set up a stall.

The affordability to set up a stall is great for local small businesses or artists wishing to get their products out to the public. These outdoor markets are the perfect exposure to get their products on the map!

Mission Beach is one of the most idyllic places in the Far North of Queensland. These markets are quite the enhancement to the area and provide ample opportunity to taste and shop local products!

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